Will smart homes be even smarter in 2018?

Will smart homes be even smarter in 2018?

The future of home ownership is coming to Las Vegas.

Smart homes, or houses equipped with a network of related technologies, are showing up more often on prospective home buyers’ list of wants.

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is the annual celebration of all things tech, fun, and cool. Last year saw an entire section of the show dedicated to technologies that help our homes work, from learning thermostats to refrigerators that order groceries for us.

However, smart homes are becoming more than slick appliances. Security systems, window blinds, audio devices, garage doors, and lighting are able to communicate and work together to make our lives more efficient and in some case, even more affordable.

Market Share

The smart home economy is building, expected to take in more than $3.5 billion in the coming year.

While we see commercials about Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home internet devices helping us play music and answer trivia questions, the fact is that these popular consumer devices may very well become the hubs of our connected homes.

Giving commands to Alexa or Google will be able to do everything from lock the doors when we leave to turning up the heat when we get home.

At CES, a company called Bonjour is presenting a smart alarm clock that connects to your calendars, traffic reports, weather alerts, security cameras, and other systems to let you know everything that’s up for the day. It even learns your habits and adjusts its reactions accordingly. And of course, you can talk to it.


Beyond artificial intelligence in alarm clocks, more smart home devices are using facial recognition commands to power up and do their magic, like the iPhone X.

Bonjour is merely one example of how smart homes are created through connected devices, or what’s called, “The Internet of things.”

Collectively called “hometech,” the promise of smart homes became even more exciting when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed off the capabilities of the connected home by touring viewers through his own house, which he’s named “Jarvis” and voiced with actor Morgan Freeman.

More Accessible

While not every citizen is going to be blessed with the smarts and money of Facebook’s founder, more home tech is becoming accessible to ordinary homeowners every day.

CENTURY 21 Gavish Real Estate agents are starting to hear requests for smart home advantages and some newer homes being built around the valley are offering automation technologies, such as learning thermostats and video security systems controllable via apps and smartphones.

If a smart home is something you’ve been thinking about for 2018, give us a call to start looking around the market. If we don’t have it listed, we’ll find it for you.