5 Unique Ways to Market Your Home

Unique Ways to Market Your Home

It’s not too hard to find inspiration when it comes to selling your home. With all the technology we have these days, there are countless unique ways to market your home. From photography to drones, video, or social media, there are tons of developing platforms and tools for homeowners and agents to utilize! 

Here are some effective and unique ways to market your home and make it stand out from the rest in your neighborhood!

Creative Tips for Marketing Your Home

1. Funny Print Ads

These types of ads work best when your property may not be the greatest, it might need renovating, or it is in a less than desirable area. By being open, candid, and very funny about it, people are more likely to share your ad, and by the humor alone, can create greater interest to stop by and see the place.

2. Drones

Drones are becoming a popular tool in the real estate industry. Many agents are using drone footage to show the size of the property, landscape features, and an aerial view of the home and neighborhood.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform that is perfect when you want to create mood and use photography to invoke emotions and aspirations. It’s also a great tool for business if applied correctly. You can create and/or use your existing Instagram to highlight aesthetic features and highlights of your home or memorable moments from when you lived there with, ‘This could be you,’ written on it or within the post.

4. Neighbor Letter

A creative and more personalized idea is to send out neighbor letters to the surrounding property owners. A neighbor letter is a very simple, 1 or 2-page message set with the intent of letting all of the surrounding property owners know: Who you are; that you intend on selling the property to someone very soon; if they want to buy it (or knows a friend or family member who does) that you are offering the opportunity and can make it easy for them, offering cash and/or terms.

5. Extravagant Extras

Incentives are becoming more and more substantial when it comes to selling your home. Sellers are throwing in all kinds of goodies, like vacations, home upgrades, and monetary incentives in order to sell their home. Consider throwing something extra in to help close the buyer. Sometimes it’s just that one, extra, added thing that a potential buyer goes for, setting you apart from the rest!