Tips For Buying a House With a Pool

Tips for buying a house with a pool

It’s summertime and you’re house shopping, one of the necessities you may consider is buying a house with a pool. The ability to cool off from the summer sun right in your own backyard is very appealing along with hosting summer pool parties, workout swim sessions, romantic late night swims and not to forget the additional rise in property value. However, when shopping for a house with a pool Gavish Real Estate advises you not to get caught up in the excitement and overlook some important details.

Here are some things Gavish Real Estate recommends when buying a house with a pool

Who is the pool builder

When you find a house with a pool you’re interested in, one of the first questions to inquire about is the pool builder. Discovering who installed the pool can make a major difference in purchasing a home. If an actual pool company did the construction of the pool, do your homework and research the company. It’s important to find out if the pool is still under warranty and if the company is still in existence.

Beware of Subcontracted Pools

You may see a pool that is absolutely stunning to your eyes, however, it may be a pool which was subcontracted out. This means there wasn’t one particular builder for the pool, it was built in stages by multiple different contractors. Sometimes homeowners choose this option to have a more lavish pool for a lesser price. This isn’t necessarily a bad option for the original homeowner, however, you are now considering a home without a warranty. Subcontracted pools come with various contractors, you could have to track down if any future problems arise with the pool. If you do decide to purchase a home with a subcontracted pool, ask the original homeowner if they have a list of numbers and names of the contractors who worked on the pool. This will give you the option to see whether or not if you can reach them for questions.

How Will Your Insurance be Affected

When considering buying a house with a pool, you need to consult your insurance agent on your homeowner’s policy. Homeowners policies will most likely change with the addition of a pool. There may be certain actions which may need to be taken by the homeowner which could include adding a fence around the pool. It is important to abide by what your homeowner’s policy requires of you when adding a pool to your policy, which may require higher liability coverage.

Increased Property Value

Many people would like to invest in a home with a pool because of the potential for increased value. A pool can sometimes impact the value of your home and sometimes it doesn’t. The changes in property value are related to multiple sets of factors, such as the climate of your location, if the surrounding homes have pools and the cost of pool maintenance over the years.