Things to Think About Before Selling Your Home

Things to Think About Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home usually isn’t an overnight decision, it usually takes a lot of consideration and thought before making such a major life choice. There are many items to think about before selling your home, from the value of your home to choosing the right real estate agent. Gavish Realty has prepared a checklist of things to consider before selling your home.

Things to Consider Before Selling Your Home

Should you Stage your Home

When it comes to selling your home, one of the things to consider, is having your home staged. Typically, homes that have been staged, sell at about a 17% higher rate from a non-staged homes. Staged homes are designed to attract your target home buyers buy using the right furniture placement and props to entice the right buyer. Regardless of the type of home your selling, any home can be staged to appeal to home buyers in your key demographic.

Upgraded Home Improvements

You may look around your home and see many updates you would like to do before placing your home on the market. We all know home renovations can be very expensive costing over $35,000 just for a new kitchen. Recent studies have shown that doing a major overhaul renovation, may not yield in adding any extra value to your home.

The recovery rate for a major home renovation is around 57% of the cost you spent to have your home renovated. A total renovation might not be the answer, however, some minor cosmetic improvements can add significant value to the sale of your home. Painting rooms inside your home with more neutral colors, can add much significance to the appeal of your home. Also consider changing out small items such as cabinet handles and lighting fixtures. This can seem like a small improvement, but cam add a major difference in how your home appears to potential home buyers.

Choosing your Realtor

There are so many realtors  to choose from, it can be quite daunting even starting the process finding the right one to sell your home. Each realtor is different from the next, some specializing in luxury homes others working with only investment properties. You’ll want to locate a realtor that sells homes in your market, then you should meet with them to ensure you both have chemistry. Working with a realtor is a relationship, and it’s important to have a good connection, so all the expectations can be clearly discussed and understood.