It’s Summer In Las Vegas: Tips For New Residents

It's Summer In Las Vegas- Tips For New Residents

You’ve either heard this or said this:

“It’s a dry heat.”

It’s a declaration that may be as well known to Las Vegas residents as “What Happens In Vegas … ”

You know the rest.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what kind of heat it is, anything over 100 degrees is hot. Ridiculously hot.

No one makes the decision to move here without considering the summer climate.

However, we completely understand that people moving to here may not be aware of how to best handle the temperature here when buying a house in Las Vegas. Let’s discuss it:

1. Get Out Early
The exercise hour is from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. It’s cooler then, the sun isn’t too high above our valley walls, and it’s a great time to experience some dessert solitude.

2. Look For Shaded Space

It’s a dry heat

While we don’t have stands of native pine trees or hilly lots bordering dense forests, many Las Vegas homes for sale have outdoor space with covered patios or developer-planted palm trees to offer cool space when outdoors. Many of our neighborhood parks and recreation centers also offer shaded picnic spaces and comfortable, grassy lots under canopies and shade tarps.

3. Use Your Garage
We see it every day: people who never really clean out their garage “staging area” after a move. Cars that sit baking in the driveway sun can actually cause burns to legs and hands, especially for kids and pets. Use the great shaded space that your new house offers to ensure you get into a cool, comfortable car when it’s time to head out for the afternoon.

4. Maintain Your Air Conditioning
You will be hard pressed to find a home in Las Vegas that doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s an essential part of buying a home here. Once relocated, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how it works and the basic steps necessary to ensure it continues to cool your home and runs efficiently. Trust us: air conditioning units always tend to break during the most intense days of the summer.

Lastly, a couple more points to consider when moving to the Las Vegas valley:

Pets need special care in the summer. In essence, treat them the same way you treat yourself. Remember to never, ever leave them in your car, even with the windows open. When running errands around town, leave them home whenever you can. Remember too, that hot pavement can really damage their pads. Avoid blacktop or dark surfaces.

We get it, you like to exercise. But if missed your morning 20 miler, don’t try to make up the miles in the afternoon. Wait until the evening. Even the most well-hydrated can experience heat-related health issues.