Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Tips for selling your home in the winter

It can be difficult to sell your home in the winter without the right Real Estate Agent by your side to make sure that your home makes it in front of the right buyers. Traditionally, there are fewer buyers looking for homes in the winter but there are also fewer homes. This means that generally, it’s a seller’s market during the winter months. Don’t let this lull in the real estate market deter you from selling your home for the highest possible market value. Try these tips from Gavish Real Estate Las Vegas for selling your home in the winter.

Fewer Sellers

One of the reasons that most people you ask will tell you to sit the winter out and list your home in the spring is because there are far fewer buyers looking for homes. That being said, that is not necessarily a bad thing because there are also fewer homes on the market. Far fewer. This is great news for you if you are selling your home in the winter. There is less competition and the buyers who are looking for homes in the winter are way more motivated. That being said…

Buyers Are More Motivated

Why are buyers more motivated to buy homes in the winter? While this answer will vary from person to person, there are some broad sweeping generalizations that tend to be true more often than not. Keep in mind, there are so many good reasons to buy a home in the spring that if you’re committed to shopping in the winter, there is probably a good reason for it.

First, the days are shorter and the weather is colder. This means that going to look at homes is more inconvenient and if a buyer is still making time to look at homes in these conditions, they probably mean business. Additionally, it can be inconvenient to move during winter with the school year being in full swing as well.

Winter buyers are more serious because they will have a deadline (the end of the year for taxes) or they are looking for an investment property. Either way that means that you are more likely to find a buyer with an offer in hand.

Tips for Selling in the Winter

  • Make It Cozy – It may be cold outside, so if you are showing your property, make sure that you create a warm, cozy atmosphere that is inviting. A cozy atmosphere can add a lot of charm to your home.
  • Illuminate – Shorter days mean less light outside. Make sure your home is illuminated inside and outside.
  • Tastefully Decorate – If you decide to decorate for the holidays, keep in mind that buyers may not share your taste. Keep decorations simple and make sure that they add appeal to your home. The last thing you want to do is turn buyers away with over the top lawn decorations.
  • Add seasonal scents – Adding a wonderful holiday aroma to the air will make your home smell like the holidays which will add to the cozy and charming atmosphere that you wish to create.
  • Don’t forget the photos! – Thanks to the internet, you can post your home listing online for anyone who is interested to find it. When you post your listing, make sure that you include photos that were taken in the spring and summer. This will let buyers see what your home looks like when the weather isn’t dark and gloomy.