5 Reasons Seniors Love to Retire in Las Vegas

5 Reasons Seniors Love to Retire in Las Vegas

Retirement in Las Vegas

By: Barbara Thompson, Senior Care Advocate

Las Vegas has a reputation as a gambler’s paradise, but those who look at the city as little more than a place to party are missing out on the numerous assets that make Nevada’s largest city such a fantastic place for seniors. If you’re considering relocating to Las Vegas to retire, a real estate agent can help you find a new home that fits your evolving needs.

1. The Weather is Lovely Year-Round

Seniors who love to spend time outdoors will appreciate the incredible climate in Las Vegas. The city rates an 85 on Sperling’s Comfort Index, more than 30 points over the national average and a clear indicator that residents can expect to be comfortable no matter the season.

Summers do get quite hot, with July highs frequently hitting triple digits, but it’s a dry heat made more tolerable by desert breezes and the fact that every building and business in town embraces air conditioning. Winter is just as pleasant; January lows rarely go below 34 and seniors need not worry about snowfall.

2. Home Prices are Comparatively Affordable

Seniors looking to move to Las Vegas and buy a retirement home will likely be pleasantly surprised at the pricing, especially if they’re from nearby states like California where even basic housing is sold at a premium. The city has plenty of age-qualified communities, and there is another option in the works in Pahrump, an unincorporated town less than an hour’s drive away.

In December 2017, Realtor.com named Las Vegas as one of the 10 U.S. Housing Markets That Will Rule 2018. The site’s experts cited a median home price of $285,045 and predicted sales growth of just under 5%. Add to that an expected economic growth of 8.7% and there are plenty of reasons to buy and sell in Las Vegas, and seniors have access to both standing properties and new builds.

3. There Are Plenty of Options for Senior Living

Housing in Las Vegas is extensive and varied. Retirees interested in independent living can choose from loft-style apartments, condos, single-family homes and townhouses, all of which can be found in solely residential areas or in neighborhoods that are very near to or even on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

There are plenty of options for assisted living in Las Vegas as well. There are 43 senior living facilities in and around the city offering long-term residential care along with a host of amenities suitable for active seniors interested in finding a comfortable place to live that still offers access to local points of interest.

4. Senior Resources Abound

There are plenty of resources for seniors in Las Vegas, starting with the Clark County Senior Advocate Program which helps older residents and their families access everything from prescription drug and Medicare information to social service initiatives. Other options like the West Flamingo Senior Center and North Las Vegas Neighborhood Recreation Center offer classes, training programs, computer labs, field trips, concerts, arts and crafts, special events and exercise equipment designed to keep seniors engaged and socialized.

5. Arts, Culture and Transportation at a Discount

Seniors looking to stick to a budget will find lots of opportunities to save in Las Vegas. Most of the local’s casinos offer discounts to guests 50 years of age or older; the Silverton, for example, has a regular Senior Mondays promotion with 50% of dining options and points multipliers for those who enjoy the slots, while the Station Casinos chain has My Generation, a program the gifts seniors with low rates on everything from matinee movies to bowling and bingo.

Seniors who obtain a Reduced Fare ID card from the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) can purchase single tickets or multi-ride passes for city’s bus system at half price.

Bottom line

For seniors interested in culture and entertainment, there are discounted admissions for those aged 65 and over at The Mob Museum, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef, among many other spots, and almost all businesses offer a perk of some type to customers with a valid Nevada ID.