What Questions to Ask When Relocating to a New Area

What Questions to Ask When Relocating to a New Area

Before moving, do you know what questions to ask when relocating to a new area? There can be a variety of questions you might want to run by a local realtor or potential neighbor, but we put together a few basic topics you might want to inquire about.

5 Things to Consider when Relocating to a New Area

1. Area Cost of Living

The cost of living varies from state to state, as do the taxes. Find out how much groceries are, what the cost of milk, eggs, and gas might be, what the average rent/mortgage is, property expenses, etc… The more you can find out before arriving, the more prepared you’ll be. This will also give you a good idea to baseline your needed salary.

2. Do I Know Anyone Who Lives There?

It can be hard moving to a new area, especially if you don’t have a network where you’re moving to. The more connections you have, the quicker you can get yourself acclimated to the community and around your new stomping grounds.

3. What’s The Job Market Like?

Do you know what the job market is like where you’re headed? Is it consistent? Do you have multiple opportunities? Maybe you already have a job lined up or you’re transferring within the company. Either way, do your own research and see what their particular market is like in that specific area.

4. Is It Affordable?

Last minute expenses are always going to come up, so you might as well plan for it. Consider saving whatever you’ve budgeted for your move, and then double it to stay in the safe zone.

5. What’s My Back-Up Plan?

There is always the case that it may not work out for you- for whatever reason. If it doesn’t work out for you, you should always have some kind of a plan B to fall back on. Remember that failure and struggle inspire creativity, so embrace it, keep an open mind, and see what else the world has to offer. Be careful not to burn any bridges before going because you never know what resources you’ll need in the future. And don’t worry: chalk this up to another life lesson and take with you what you can learn from, leaving anything negative behind!


Moving to a new place doesn’t have to be complicated or scary, especially if you know what questions to ask when relocating to a new area.