6 Ways to Prepare Your House for Inspection

Ways to Prepare Your House for Inspection

There’s a lot of steps into going selling your home, especially for the first time. Taking the time to do your own home inspection before the actual home inspection is key to preparing your home for sale. It’s essential that your home looks impeccable for potential buyers because they can easily ask for a price reduction, reopen offers, and even worse, call off the sale. It’s best to be prepared, so here are six major ways to prepare for the actual home inspection.

6 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Inspection

1. Clean and declutter

Keep your house clean and tidy! If you haven’t already started packing and clearing up, take the time to decluttering and depersonalizing all your home. Although the cleanliness of your home doesn’t affect the home inspection all together, you still want to leave a first good impression for those looking at your home for the first time.

2. Provide complete access

Part of a home inspection is being able to provide complete access throughout your property. The whole point of a home inspection is being able to enter all parts of the home to examine and appraise. This also includes unlocking any lockboxes, gates, and doors.

3. Check plumbing

Test the functionality of your appliances and systems throughout your house. This includes the plumbing: faucets, flushing toilets, and even looking for any water leaks and/or water damages. You want to give the home inspector a general good impression that everything is working accordingly. Be sure to check all light switches, ceiling fans, fan ducts, vents, etc.

4. Basic safety and security

Even the little things in preparation for a home inspection is what can make a difference! Be sure to look at the basic safety and security of your home to make sure they’re working correctly and efficiently. This includes: Replacing batteries in smoke detectors, inspecting carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and even resolving any bug/rodent issues your home may have.

5. Make necessary repairs

Don’t give the home inspector any idea that anything is faulty in your home, that is a huge red flag. Making the necessary repairs to your home prior to the inspection is definitely worth every penny. Be sure to replace those dead lightbulbs, remove drain clogs, torn screens or cracked windows, and be sure to do any repairs or replacement on the roof as well.

6. Last minute preparations

Along with gathering all important paperwork and documents, go down an essential checklist of things you need to examine and check for a last time. Be sure to leave any keys or remotes, turn on pilot lights for appliances and make sure all your utilities are on. The overall look of your home should look like it’s ready to sell!