People Remain Committed To Downtown Las Vegas


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The lure of revived Downtown Las Vegas has been wafting through the valley for almost a decade.

Depending on who you ask, Downtown Las Vegas is a great place to live and work.

The debate about the success of the years-long revitalization efforts lingers still, despite gaming revenues seeing growth over the last few years.

It helps that the most prominent casinos have undergone major renovation efforts, This means that their owners are going all-in on their plans to get more people into new housing on the north end of The Strip.

Typically, when casino executives want something to happen, it happens.

Downtown Las Vegas Real Estate

Homes in Downtown Vegas is in short supply. At least, the one’s people seem to want to buy. We want to change that, of course. And we hope you’d like us to.

The restaurants are here, and so are the bars and nightlife draws. Locals are spreading the word to friends who visit, hoping to persuade them to take at least one night away from what thrives down the street.

Earlier this month, executives from several Downtown casinos gathered with the Downtown Alliance to discuss the matters of making the city safer and getting more residential options for aspiring residents.

While many locals are aware of what’s been happening in the city’s urban core, not enough of them are coming down to see it in action. The results are unquestionably tangible; there’s a lot to be proud of.

Ultimately, for Downtown Las Vegas to become what so many stakeholders want it to be, it’s going to need places for people to live. It needs a 24-7 pulse, a base audience, and a communal appeal.

Every city has its hip local community that tourists want to see so they can act like they aren’t tourists, a place they can say they “discovered” before it was a big draw.

It’s getting closer every year, but it would be easy to find a person who got frustrated with waiting.

All we know is that we’ll be there when things turn to help people buy homes in Downtown Las Vegas.