North Las Vegas To Get New Homes

North Las Vegas To Get New Homes

Well, if it’s not going to give rise to a casino, new homes are always the next best option.

In North Las Vegas (it’s own city, not north Las Vegas), land that was once earmarked to become a local casino is now in the hands of a homebuilder.

The property consists of just more than 34 acres and will be developed by Richmond American homes. It was purchased for $10 million.

Based on historical averages of home vs. acre, the property has potential to foot hundreds of homes.

More new homes is a good thing for Las Vegas, which like much of the nation has been under the thumb of an inventory crisis that is sending home prices back up to pre-recession levels.

Thankfully Las Vegas has a ways to go before we reach that mark. That also is a good thing.

While Las Vegas in general was recognized for being on the nation’s most recession-damaged markets, North Las Vegas was actually smacked harder.

we’re looking forward to helping you buy them

It became one of the few cities in America to have to declare bankruptcy.

The recent announcement of Faraday Future’s pull-back on plans to build an electric car plant was a tough punch to roll with. Although few people were surprised by the news.

News of new homes will resonate among citizens, as it brings more construction jobs to a region already full of them, as well as a new neighborhood for future home owners to aspire to become a part of.

The people behind the new homes are also considering adding retail space, which always helps attract buyers because of convenience and in some cases, added home value.

We’re looking forward to helping North Las Vegas welcome more new homes. And we’re looking forward to helping you buy them.