New Construction Or Pre-Existing? Buying Decisions

New Construction Or Pre-Existing? Buying Decisions

If you’re considering buying a home soon and your tastes are rather specific, it might be a good idea to consider looking at newly built homes.

Developers today are doing all they can to reach buyers.

Obviously, this is because there’s plenty of room for growth.

Builders are now trying to attract buyers perusing the market with an array of once-optional home accessories.

At one time, things like wet bars and a third garage stall were considered higher-end amenities, or at least, not all that readily available.

Things are moving so fast, builders need to offer as much as they can to make a property stand out. The options aren’t many, but buyers can still be choosey.

While home theaters may not be a common free incentive yet, pools, bonus rooms, formal dining rooms, dens, granite countertops, and crown molding, for example, can all be had for much less money in new Las Vegas communities than in the market of ten years ago.

Mortgage rates are also allowing many Las Vegas new home buyers to access a segment of the market that was once out of reach.

An extra bedroom and a security guard at the gate are often advertised in the sales offices of new developments. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.

Of course, a family has to weigh the importance of these items.

If you can afford a home with some luxury features, what exists in the pre-owned market that could suffice for significantly less?

Granted, a home is a big, long-term purchase so it’s critical that you leave the closing table without any regret or doubt about the house in which you’re about to spend your first night.

Even if you have your heart set on a new home, or having one built, looking at existing homes is a smart decision. You need to know your market.

Naturally, your CENTURY 21 Gavish Real Estate agent is going to be a big part of that, translating your needs into what the market has to offer. Sometimes, the right home just isn’t there. And that’s what leads many families to consider new construction.

In the end, we have found that it almost always comes down to an initial gut reaction.

Many agents attest to learning exactly what their customers want at the first home they show them.

Months down the road, after seeing 10 or 20 homes, it will come back to that very first one. This is often the best scenario because those buyers come back confident that their new home was the one that had the most of what they wanted.

If you’re confused about buying new or existing, don’t be, or at least try to remind yourself that feeling uncertain is part of the home buying process. Know too, that we’re here to help.