What You Might See In New Las Vegas Homes This Year

What You Might See In New Las Vegas Homes This Year

What’s coming to Las Vegas homes in the near future?

According to the jointly-held 2017 International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, new homes in Las Vegas might soon start featuring everything from automated door locks to “wet rooms.”

Get Smart

Smart home technology is advancing quickly, no thanks to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s home video that showed him speaking to a Morgan Freeman-voiced Artificial Intelligence system to help him power everything from his whole-house SONOS stereo to the temperature in his infant daughter’s nursery.


Products like Nest, the home thermostat that learns your living habits and adjusts temperatures accordingly, are beginning to connect to more appliances and systems around the home.

A couple of weeks ago right here in Las Vegas at CES, an entire days’ worth of programming was dedicated to smart home technology.

When it comes to buying a new house in Las Vegas in 2017, expect it to be “plug-n-play,” ready for connection to every gadget, signal, and voice-activated app there is, and soon will be.

Beyond the “Glossy”, fun world of “Tech-Driven living”, home builders are integrating a couple of unique, new interior architectural features.

Hide The Mess

The “messy room” is a trend that describes creating a small space within the main room to contain “messes” or the general clutter that accumulates as we go about our daily lives.

These rooms might be small closets or shelves hidden behind sliding doors or in cleverly-hidden alcoves. The point is to keep our messes away from guests and to avoid them interrupting the physical flow of a home’s design.

Open Showers

Wet rooms are bathrooms with little or no physical barrier around tubs and showers.

This design is popular in homes where a resident has trouble stepping into raised tub and shower combos or separate tubs.

Designs are encouraging the absence of doors so that homeowners can stroll in and out of a shower freely.

We can see how this interior look can open up a master bath and help home buyers in Las Vegas feel they’re getting more space for their money.

Keep an eye out for some of these looks as you tour new homes this year.