Las Vegas Is Now Raider Country

Las Vegas Is Now Raider Country

And here they come.
The Las Vegas Raiders are expected to be made official today!

While nothing is ever 100% in the world of NFL relocation all signs point to the NFL owners association voting to “OK” a relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas, a move that should shore up a tumultuous two years of franchise upheaval.

This is great news for Las Vegas on many fronts.

First, a new, gleaming NFL stadium will become the crown jewel of our city’s astounding skyline.

Early plans have been tentative, but we can rest assured it will become an entertainment mecca for much more than professional football.

The types of sports and events that this kind of facility can bring to the city will be world class. (Although we have that kind of entertainment now.)

However, on the sheer professional football front, how can you not be excited?

The Raiders are a franchise rich in history.

The team’s fans are some of the most passionate in the league, despite years of futility.

Last season saw the team have a chance to compete for the AFC crown, although a late-season injury to star young QB Derek Carr sent the team out of the playoffs after the first round.

A slew of young talent is coming together and by the time the team arrives in Las Vegas in 2020, it could very well own of the league’s better three-year records.

The logistics of the relocation remain somewhat up in the air. The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that the team will remain in Oakland for the 2017 season, and most likely for 2018.

The year after that could see the team calling Sam Boyd stadium home for a season before the new season opens in 2020.

Granted, a number of letters need to be dotted and crossed. Deals of this magnitude are rarely easy to get across the finish line, even when the race course is an empty straight and the competition is nowhere to be seen.

Should the finish tape get broken today during league meetings in Phoenix, Las Vegas will be a city with two big-league professional sports franchises.

That’s a big deal.

We’re excited for the business benefits this will bring to our city, from new jobs to refreshed real estate markets, to increased tourism.

It’s an exciting day in Las Vegas.

However, the number of Raider fans we have in our Century 21 Gavish Real Estate office remains to be seen.