Jobs, Families Are Returning To Las Vegas

Jobs, Families Are Returning To Las Vegas

Some say when it comes to real estate, it’s all about location, location, location.

Well, it’s also about jobs, jobs, jobs. Especially here in Las Vegas.

New data has shown that the greater Las Vegas valley, which includes Henderson and North Las Vegas, is considered one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States.

Our state’s capital city, Reno, is right on track as well.

Las Vegas is building as fast as it can. The Strip is too. In fact, that’s where we can largely place our thanks, as tourism is feeding rapid growth within our tourist corridor. Travel is up tremendously.

As The Strip goes, so goes Las Vegas.

Naturally, construction jobs are back in a big way. The growth in that sector isn’t going to ebb any time soon, thanks in part to a giant NFL stadium set to be built in the next couple of years.

Even with the multi-year timeframe, jobs are already in place to aid in planning and administration of the Las Vegas Raiders relocation.

As The Strip goes, so goes Las Vegas

Overall, construction jobs are up 16 percent from last year, according to The Las Vegas Sun. That’s a big number.

Las Vegas is back to what it was in the mid-1990s. Well, sort of, anyway.

We’ll probably never see that kind of growth again, which is okay, because it put us on the national radar but did lead to the Valley being somewhat overbuilt once the recession hit.

Point is, people are relocating to Las Vegas once again, offering employers a rapidly expanding employee pool and businesses an even strong customer base.

As a result of this economic rebirth, housing prices are rising. We’re not hovering around a median price of $250,000.

Housing here gives people a number of terrific living options, especially when one considers the lifestyle options, geographic amenities, easy airport travel, and neighborhood options.

So, as we like to say around the office, keep those jobs coming.

Viva Las Vegas.