The Importance of In-Person Communication

The Importance of In-Person Communication

Iddo Gavish - CEO C21 GREPublished recently on RISMedia, one of the industry’s most recognized authorities on real estate news and information.

The column covered his stance on how communicating with younger buyers today can be a challenge for agents who have been in the industry for a number of years.

However, the point is that technology, or rather, the need to respond quickly, shouldn’t trump the requirement to respond accurately.

“Interpersonal communication is unquestionably a more effective way to deliver critical information and data”

Agents can always use an “I’ll get back to you with the answer soon.” as a placeholder for later calling with the insightful information their customer needs.

As technology gains a larger and larger footprint in the way we conduct business, it’s critical that we not let it push us away from pricing personal service.

from bots to automated email tools, there are many ways today for us to reach clients without actually reaching them.

For an agent who has been in the business and worked with as many clients as Iddo has, this could look like a troubling development.

However, the very reason for joining CENTURY 21 was because of its desire to integrate technology with service.

It’s about the people. Asking for a face-to-face meeting speaks volumes, and it conveys your message effectively. Real estate proves an emotional roller coaster especially when agents don’t tailor a service for their clients. With the help of technology and interpersonal services, we’re adding a human touch that differs us from any businesses in real estate. Now, more than ever, our team is client-focused to create a dynamic buying or selling experience.

That integration is at the heart of the partnership, and what led to the column’s publishing.