What is an HOA? And what are the benefits?

What is an HOA? And what are the benefits?

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What is an HOA? And what are the benefits?

The homeowners association (HOA) are progressively common in neighborhoods throughout the nation and can be found in developing communities, condos, and even townhomes. Though it is required to pay HOA monthly fees, there are many advantages that come with living in an HOA neighborhood. Here are four benefits that can help you decide whether living in a HOA community is for you.

1. Recreational amenities

The perks of being an HOA member are the many amenities and options for recreation activities right in your backyard. As each HOA community varies, some features swimming pools, sports courts, fitness gyms, golf courses, barbecue areas and more exclusively for their residents. In addition, these properties are very well-maintained by the association itself.

2. Low maintenance

Common areas in your community are typically taken care by the association. And depending on the HOA, this may include your trash and snow removal and lawn care. How nice would it be to never mow your lawns or pick up a snow shovel?

3. Aesthetically pleasing

If you’ve ever driven through an HOA neighborhood, you’ll notice the standards and expectations of the community reflects cleanliness and tastefully synchronized homes. HOA residents are required to abide by the policies and regulations regarding the exterior of their homes and management also reserves the right to repairs and improvements within the community.

4. Sense of community

HOA communities are great for making new friends and bringing you closer to your neighbors. There is a sense of community pride because of a well-kept neighborhood and awesome amenities to share with each other. HOA members take pride in their neighborhoods and look out for each other’s safety and properties.