Help Us Help You

Help Us Help You

CENTURY 21 Gavish Real Estate agents are experts at helping people understand their real estate needs.

However, we’re not psychics or Tarot card readers. We don’t have a card table and cheap magic tricks set up on the Strip.

We are, however, regular people. We alos happen to be experienced in real estate. But, lacking any sort of supernatural skill means that we need the help of our customers to really understand what their looking for when buying a new home.

So, we thought it would be worthwhile to list a few ways that you, the buyer, could help us better help you. Here are some tips:

1. Know What You Need; Not What You Want

Wants and needs really come to the forefront when out looking for a home. We know what you want: the best house in the price range you can afford. But what you need is what matters, because that’s where you should start.

A house you thought you wanted can get old fast when you realize you really did need a two-car garage and you really did need that office space. Sure, the one you want is in a more “brand-name” neighborhood and had a pool … but you can’t store your cars in the deep end or run your home business from the kitchen. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find you that, and a house you want.

2. Get Pre-Qualified

No doubt you’ve heard this one before. And for good reason. It’s really important to know exactly what kind of home you can afford and how smoothly the loan process will go for you once we’re under contract on a home.

Agents suggesting people get pre-qualified has been stigmatized as a way for us to determine if you’re a “good lead” or not. That’s simply not true. The real concern is about you not being blindsided by an under-writing complication once you’ve already submitted earnest money and dedicated a month of your time to finding a home.

Trust us: being pre-qualified helps everyone.

3. Be A Family


Well, we didn’t have a better way to title this tip, but what we mean is to be in agreement with your partner and family about your home buying goals.

Far too many home sales have fallen apart because not everyone involved was on the same page in terms of cost, neighborhood, house size, etc. There’s a lot of stress involved in home buying sometimes, and if there’s any disagreement between family members, that stress can seep into those cracks of uncertainty and do some serious damage to the home search.

Believe us, we’ve seen it happen.

A real estate agent’s job has a lot to do with playing coach, counselor, friend, and truth-teller.

While we may not be able to see the future, we can certainly help shape it.