3 Ways To Handle A Bad Offer On Your Home

3 Ways To Handle A Bad Offer On Your Home

As much as we market ourselves as your trusted real estate partner, the decisions about your property are made by you.

The price, the terms, the time, even the buyers. All you.

Our job is to simply advise you on whether or not those choices will be best for your transaction. And often, your sanity.

It can be frustrating when an offer comes in that’s not really to your liking. We get it, we’ve sold our homes a time or two as well.

Here are a few tips on juggling the emotional undulations of selling a home in Las Vegas.

1. Don’t Take It Personally

Trust us, the person offering $25k below list price isn’t your enemy. It’s not a personal slight or attempts to take advantage of you.

Remember, like all of us, they’re only trying to get a good deal. The fact may be that they simply can’t afford the house.

However, you should be flattered that they like it so much that they took the time to make an offer they knew wouldn’t get accepted.

Truth is, they’re probably just getting some bad advice. We would advise countering with what you think is a fair price to keep the transaction alive and let it go from there. We would then speak to their agent to get a feel for their buying power. We’ll let know if it’s worth pursuing.

2. Don’t Put Hair On The Deal

If you get a bad offer, don’t make it worse.

We’ve had sellers who react with such venom to a bad offer that they made things more complicated by changing the terms, such as wanting a bunch more earnest money or demanding a small inspection window.

We want you to be happy but in these cases, we’d advise you to take the high road. The more demands you ask of the buyer, the more we have to negotiate. That only adds more bricks to the wall.

In other words, don’t retaliate.

3. Time Heals All Wounds

In this case, we mean that the faster you counter, the more serious the buyer will take you. It shows that you mean business, and want things to get done.

Often, a low offer means a buyer is hesitant, not sure. With a quick, clean counter-offer, the ball stays in the buyer’s court and forces them to make a decision.

In many cases, when faced with this kind quick return an insecure buyer will back down. This lets you settle the situation cleanly and without wasting too much time.

See? There are ways to get to the bottom of a bad offer without ruining the selling experience. It’s never about the property; it’s always about the person’s actual level of interest in it.

Thanks for reading!