First Time Home Buyers In Las Vegas Have Advantages

First Time Home Buyers In Las Vegas Have Advantages

Buying a house in Las Vegas for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Where should we buy? Should we consider a new school or keep our children where they are? How about nearby parks, or freeway proximity? And of course, how much can we afford?

First-time Home Buyer Seminars

You may have read lately that it’s getting tougher for first time home buyers in some markets around the country.

Mortgage rates are ticking up a bit, and inventory is tightening.

Another problem is rising rents absorbing money that might be meant for a down payment.

Century 21 Gavish Real Estate has been helping Las Vegas citizens address these concerns for years through our First-time Home Buyer seminars.

While the focus of these events has been on where to find money for a down payment, we take the time to help our attendees understand the process and learn about things like hazard insurance, common maintenance concerns, and how to determine how much home you need.

The Truth Behind Buying a Home

In truth, buying a home isn’t as scary as it sounds. Tens of millions of people do it every year, and we have a team of gracious, experienced real estate professionals trained to make the entire home buying experience as smooth as possible. And, it’s also a lot of fun.

A few of the surface-level things for you to consider is, of course, how much can you afford?

In Las Vegas, homes are hovering around $220,000. That’s the average, roughly speaking. (Your agent will you provide you with up-to-the-minute market stats.)

If you think that sounds like a lot, know that there are many, many homes for sale in Las Vegas for less money.

You can also consider a townhouse or condo, which are great options for first-time buyers. Both only require you to maintain the interiors while neighborhood boards address exterior issues. (Granted, monthly dues by residents contribute to those upkeep efforts.)

Las Vegas is also full of intricately developed communities complete with their own parks and community centers, as well as walking paths, security personnel, and retail amenities.

In short, there isn’t a housing option made that Las Vegas can’t offer a first-time buyer.

We would love to help you sort through your options. Contact a Century 21 Gavish Real Estate agent today.