Buyer Tips For A Tight Market

Buyer Tips For A Tight Market

Buyers in a tight market need to be prepared for surprises because when competition gets heated, sellers hold all the cards.

Homes in Las Vegas are going up in price, but that doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable. In fact, our market remains very attractive to first-time home buyers and new families coming to town.

The issue is a shortage of inventory; which, of course, is at the root of all sellers’ markets.

Developers in the area are building plenty of homes; they just happen to be getting bought almost as fast as the locks can be put on the doors.

If you’re a buyer ready to buy a house in Las Vegas, here are few tips:

1. See Every Home Close To Your Budget
You need to see what’s out there. This is because the one home you really like may not become the one you own. Thus, it helps to be as prepared as possible for the second and third options on your list. It helps tremendously for you to be able to offer on those as a backup to your first. To do that, you’ll need to tour.


the one home you really like may not become the one you own

2. Respond To Your Agent Quickly
When you’re sent a document to sign, read it, understand it, then sign it. If you have questions, let us know right away. While you should always read and discuss the documents involved in a purchase, it will pay to do so with efficiency. In this regard, remember that your CENTURY 21 Gavish Real Estate agent will most likely send you electronic documents. Often these are reviewable and signable on a mobile device. Sometimes, you have to watch a child’s musical and take care of your home purchase.

3. Offer Like You Want The House
When the seller is in control, they know it. If you try to play too many games with your offer, you may end up not with options 2 and 3, but with none at all. We advise you to let the seller know you want that house. If it’s in your budget, then consider a full-price offer with minimal contingencies. Your best interests and financial protection are our priority, and we won’t let you make an offer that’s out of reach or unrealistic. However, if the numbers make sense for you, then go for it. You may not get another chance.

Las Vegas is one of the country’s fastest growing real estate markets. The trials of the past are somewhat lingering but are no longer a real burden to the health of our housing community.

People looking to buy a home here within the next year are in a good position to secure an affordable place that can provide long-term stability and comfort in a market unlike any other in the country.