Benefits of Building a Split Level Home

Benefits to building a split level home

You may be familiar with a split level home if you grew up watching the Brady Bunch. This 1970’s sitcom featured what became one of the most recognizable homes in television history and it might just be because of the split-level design. For those that are unfamiliar with this show or particular home layout, a split-level design involves staggered floor levels with a few short sets of stairs. Ultimately, the floors are staggered with a set of stairs running upward towards the bedrooms and stairs running down towards the basement. This home layout is coming back into style and at Gavish Real Estate, want you to find the home of your dreams. That’s why we’ve outlined the benefits of building a split level home for your family.

The Benefits of a Split Level Home

#1 Separation of space

A split-level home allows for an open space design in the popular common areas such as the kitchen and family room. For families, this is a great design model if you’re looking for more privacy. The open layout allows for room to breathe while spending time together. From there, each member can enjoy their privacy with a half flight of stairs to the bedroom or another area in the home. This is a great thing to consider if you are thinking of taking on roommates or extended family.

#2 A short flight of stairs

Many families resort to single-story homes. While there are many benefits of having a single-story home, there could be a lack of privacy and separation of space. The great news about a split-level home is the stairs are traditionally shorter than most. Due to this, you will not need to travel long flights of stairs to either the bedroom or the basement.

#3 Accommodate many rooms

The split-level design is known for accommodating many bedrooms and bathrooms. For big families, this is a perfect option. After all, there is a reason the Brady Bunch home grew with popularity; the split level home provided accommodation for many family members. For those interested in a split-level home with a smaller family, there is room for creativity and design. For example, some of the rooms can be combined with the larger rooms creating even more space.

#4 Affordable

The minimized cost is due to the square footage of the home. The smaller lot size provides a more affordable housing cost. The split-level home allows you to save money for other things you might not have been able to afford provided you went with a larger design or different design model.

#5 Easy upkeep

The simple design and easy layout mean that there is not a lot of maintenance needed in the home. The open concept provides a more spacious and airy feel with great traffic flow. The upkeep is simple with the open layout as everything is easily visible.

Whether you are looking to build a split-level home or renovate an existing model, be sure to do your homework prior to moving. Generally speaking, the split-level home can be beneficial to most families and provides multi-level space for living.