An Agent For Life

An Agent For Life

Finding a Las Vegas real estate agent when you don’t have an existing relationship can be frustrating.

From radio ads to tweets to billboards, the marketing pitches are endless.

Unfortunately, the talent isn’t.

First, you need to know that who you work with matters.

Buying and selling real estate is a complicated, multi-pronged business experience.

Those who tell you the process was easy are the folks you should ask about choosing an agent, because there’s a reason it was easy.

Managing real estate deals can be compared to a duck in a pond.

Heading in the right direction

It all looks serene from shore; but underneath the still, barely-affected surface is a hard-working, perfectly-equipped set of rudders furiously making sure everything stays afloat, headed in the right direction.

Also, Las Vegas attracts a lot of real estate agents.

One reason is that we don’t have as broad a selection of industry options as other cities.

Real estate has a rather low barrier to entry. Thus, it makes an ideal career option for those trying to establish themselves. New licensees have a lot of options.

Plus, our market has a lot of agents coming back into the business after the recession.

Our market was ransacked during the real estate crash, which sent a great number of agents running for the safety of gaming and service.

Now that balance has been for the most part restored, many are coming back, hoping to find the same level of Las Vegas housing activity they left.

That’s just not the case.

Independant Brokrage

At Century 21 Gavish Real Estate, we take pride in how we weathered the tumultuous times.

It’s not easy for an independent brokerage to stay above water during what was considered the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

We did it because we treat customers fairly, strive to serve our community, and had the business intelligence to expand the ways we help people.

It can’t be only about sales, service has to be of equal importance because when the good times return, that’s who’ll be calling you for advice.

Perhaps most importantly, those are the people we want to help.

In the end, it pays to choose a real estate agent in Las Vegas who has been through everything this market has to offer, from the rough times to the glory years.

In fact, we managed to maintain our business so much that it attracted the eye of the world’s most recognized real estate brand.

We are proud to be affiliated with Century 21; we like to think they saw in us exactly what we saw in Las Vegas: all kinds of potential.

Choose Century 21 Gavish Real Estate, and you’ll have an agent for life.

Because we’ve been there.