6 Easy Ways to Move with Dogs

six ways to move with dogs

You just closed on your dream home, the movers are on their way and everything seems to be moving in the right direction. However, your dog is sensing something is a little off and cannot sit still. Although moving can be an exciting process for the family, dogs may be thinking otherwise. Moving with dogs can trigger separation anxiety which sometimes leads to agitation and escapes attempts. Since your dog’s routine is likely to change for a few days, take note of these helpful tips for an easy transition into your new home with your pet.

Gavish Real Estate’s Pet-Friendly Moving Tips

1. Stick to your normal routine – Changing your schedule around is not ideal when you have dogs. Remember, being off-schedule for a week or so is okay for humans but when it comes to your dog, not so much. Keeping your dog as close to their routines as possible will help build trust with their environment and reduce fear.

2. Pack your dog’s toys last – This will ensure that your dog still has the chance to play with toys while you are busy packing the home. It is also a good idea to leave the room your dog plays in untouched until the end to reduce your dog’s fear of any upcoming changes.

3. Get your dog moving – Exercising is not only crucial for yourself, but for your dog as well. Remember to not neglect your dog’s needs when preparing for your move.

Amp up the walking as much as you can to avoid high energy and destructive behaviors. Your dog is likely to cooperate with you the more they’ve exercised since stress levels will be down.

4. If you’re showing the home, restrict some areas – Whether or not you allow your dog to roam free in the house, it is important to keep certain areas off-limits during the move. Consider shutting doors to certain rooms you’re interested in highlighting or invest in a doggy gate.

Also, be sure to organize your boxes into one location. Knowing where all your belongings are will make it easier when a showing comes around. A clean home when showing a home provides less stress for you and your dog.

5. Keep them entertained – While you might be preoccupied with the move and packing, it is important to keep your dog mentally occupied and less bored. Less stress for you, and more fun for your dog.

There are some great brain game DIY’s for your dog on Pinterest, but if you’re looking for something easy than hide a treat under one of three cups and have your dog watch you as you move all the cups around. Once your dog discovers the right cup, reward with a treat.

6. Find another place for your dog on moving day – Moving things in and out of a new home can mean doors and gates are left wide open. To avoid losing your dog in this situation, consider finding a friend or family member to watch them.

If no one is around to help you out, find a dog walking company or a boarding facility with great reviews. To ease your mind, the day of the move, plan far enough ahead to give yourself time to check these people or places out.