5 Tips for The First-Time Home Seller

5 Tips for The First-Time Home Seller

New home, new adventures, new memories.

5 Tips for The First-Time Home Seller

It’s common to have a lot of questions and a sense of anxiety when it comes to putting your home up for sale especially for the first time. But it’s very important for first time home sellers to prepare and understand the process of selling because it saves a lot of time and money in the long run. At Century 21 Gavish Real Estate, we’re here to help! Keep on reading to uncover our top five tips for our first-time home sellers.

1. Hire professionals

As first time home sellers, investing in professionals to represent you and your home during the sale of your home is essential. Leaving professionals with the process of selling, offers, and more makes the process a lot less stressful and a lot more smooth. Hiring an experienced team will not only help you understand the selling process a lot better but will know what’s best for you and your home.

2. Make a realistic plan

Be realistic in your planning process. Take the time to sit down with your selling team and come up with realistic prices for your home. But the planning doesn’t stop there, set up an exact timeline of goals and important things that need to be done on specific dates. Try being really organized during the home selling process and realistic in setting out what you plan on doing, this includes your next move.

3. Have patience

And lots of it. It can be hard to stay sane during the home selling process because of the constant paperwork, visitors, conference calls, and everything in between. Take the process day by day and if you need to, find ways that’ll help cope with the stresses and challenges. It’s totally normal to be overwhelmed!

4. Prep your home

It’s obvious to thoroughly clean and declutter your home for listing photos and open house tours. Preparing your home is the number one key to potential buyers. Investing in professional stagers to stage your home is also a huge bonus. 49% of buyers’ agents stated that a home’s staging had on effect on most buyer’s view of the home. Staging the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and even bathrooms are most important to future buyers, so leave a good impression!

5. Upgrade where it counts

If you really want to sell your home at a value its worth, invest in making upgrades where it counts. Remember, fresh carpet and a new paint job is always a buyer-bait. Put your shoes in a potential buyer; would you buy your own home if it looks the way it looks now?