4 Ways You Can Get in Touch With Nature in Las Vegas

4 Ways You Can Get in Touch With Nature in Las Vegas

“Nature a home a place to visit. It is home.” -Gary Snyder

4 Ways you Can Get in Touch With Nature in Las Vegas

There’s more to the desert than what locals and tourists think when it comes to Las Vegas. Surprisingly, Las Vegas is abundant with different nature scenes. From the wilderness of tall forests to the sparkling waters of lakes and rivers, there is so much to explore in the Nevada desert. Here are five things you need to do in Las Vegas’ nature escapes.

1. Mount Charleston

Along with its countless hikes for all levels of hikers, Mount Charleston is the number one nature trip destination in the Las Vegas valley. It’s stunning views of valleys, monstrous peaks, and wildlife, Mount Charleston has a lot to offer all year round. Check out the slopes in the winter months or take a hike up to Mary Jane Falls. There are even some lodging and camping options available if you want to stay overnight or choose to bask in nature a bit longer.

2. Drive the Red Rock National Conservation scenic drive

Check out the art of red sandstone by taking the scenic drive up at the Red Rock National Conservation Area. Although it is $15 per vehicle, this breathtaking drive is priceless. Enjoy the views of the canyons, formations of rocks, and embrace its wildlife too. You might be able to spot some donkeys, rams, and more if you look a lot closer.

3. Kayak the Colorado river

If you’re up for a workout and water scenery, you might want to consider taking a paddle down the Colorado River. Just 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find yourself in a totally different scene. There are many trails you can either kayak, stand up paddle, jetski, or canoe down the Colorado River. It’s recommended to go during the Springtime or cooler months to avoid the extreme heat conditions.

4. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Take a stroll through history and take the kids with you to The Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Although you may not exactly be in “nature,” it’s definitely its own scene to experience and can be very educational. Walk through history and appreciate nature in a unique way. Plus, this is great when you’re looking to cool off on a hot summer day.