3 Ways To Bounce Back In Las Vegas

3 Ways To Bounce Back In Las Vegas

It will be hard for Las Vegas residents to forget the events of October 1 for a long time.

For those that were there, for those that were injured, and for those that lost someone close to them, it may be impossible to ever visit similar events or places again. Many people may leave Las Vegas altogether. Given the circumstances, you have every right.

Trauma-induced fear for one’s life can have serious, long term impacts on a person. There’s no way anything we can offer in this blog can help you. We only hope and pray that you have all the support and health needs needed to get passed what happened. Everyone deals with trauma in their own way.

For those of you out there tangentially impacted, for those of you trying to make sense of things, we thought it be worthwhile to consider some of the many options Las Vegas offers for people who need to forget about life’s bad moments. Thus, we assembled a short list that we hope can help in some small way.

1. Head For The Hills

In short, get outside. Countless studies have shown that time spent in nature has emotional and mental benefits for people. We were born and raised in nature, historically-speaking; the outdoors is in our blood, regardless of how rarely you entertain the idea of camping or getting dirty.

Las Vegas claims an array of outstanding, world-class hiking and outdoor recreation opportunities right out our collective back door. From Red Rock Canyon to Lee Canyon to Lake Mead Recreation Area, the opportunities to find serene privacy, to reconnect with your thoughts, are almost endless. Don’t forget the nearby Valley of Fire State Park, Zion National Park and if you’re up for it, drive four hours to the Grand Canyon.

2. Staycation

Even if you can’t find yourself back on The Strip just yet, consider one of Las Vegas’s many non-Strip resorts for a weekend “away.” Local casino developer and operator Station Casinos has built a number of locals-focused resorts that offer everything the Strip does minus the higher costs, traffic, and hoards of tourists.

There’ Red Rock in Summerlin and Green Valley Ranch in Henderson. Or, you can head to the JW Marriott, M Resort, or the Aliante. These beautiful places offer pristine spas, modern, relaxing rooms, terrific restaurants, and more than enough entertainment for you to forget that you’re close to home, and most importantly, whatever else has been weighing you down.

3. Volunteer

time spent in nature has emotional and mental benefits

Now, getting involved in a cause related to the events of October 1 may not help you “forget” what happened, but it can absolutely make a difference, and in making a difference, we can help make sense of terrible things.

From volunteering at hospitals to collecting basic needs for those directly affected or even sitting down to listen to people who need someone to talk to, dedicating yourself, even for a couple of hours a week, can do a lot of your own emotional state and ten times more for those you doing it for.

Thank you Las Vegas, for doing what’s needed to put these events behind us, and for staying #vegasstrong