3 unconventional reasons to leave California for Vegas

3 unconventional reasons to leave California for Vegas

Every year, Las Vegas welcomes more of our neighbors from the West.

California, stricken with tragic wildfires, the incessant risk of tectonic upheaval, and almost just as bad, the never-ending burden of high housing costs.

The most expensive state top-to-bottom in which to live is also our country’s most populous.

Taxes are unreasonable, the politics one-sided, and a house costs on average over $500,000.

Las Vegas is open for relocation, and the message is being heard.

Currently, of all homes for sale in Las Vegas, the median price is $279,000. In Pasadena, CA, it’s $758,200. In Oakland the median price is $694,900. In Pacific Beach, a suburb of San Diego, the median home price is $773,500.

You get the idea.

Here are three unconventional reasons why people from California should move to Las Vegas.

  1. Convenience
    Yes, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have world class entertainment, eateries, and lifestyle choices. So does Las Vegas.

The difference?

You can drive from either end of the Las Vegas Valley to The Strip in under 30 minutes, at the maximum. Residents of the hot southwestern Las Vegas valley have an even shorter commute. And now, with Downtown Summerlin long established and growing, some aren’t even heading to Las Vegas Boulevard for a night out.

  1. Change of Seasons
    Right: it’s hard to compete with southern California when it comes to weather. Unless your Las Vegas.

You’ll no argument about summer from us, it’s hot as blue blazes. But come October and through the winter, Las Vegas gets months of cool mornings and comfortable afternoons. And on rare occasions, the high points of the valley can even see some snow for a day or two.

Oh, and speaking of snow, our ski resort, Lee Canyon, is only an hour away, if that. Take that, Big Bear.

  1. Housing Variety
    The Las Vegas real estate market is offering buyers an array of selection, from brand new suburban communities to sprawling luxury golf course homes that people coming from California could scoop up for a song, relatively speaking.

There are condos on The Strip, homes next to parks, and homes on hillsides.

Builders are working hard to expand our new home market and while inventory on existing homes remains tight, available homes are providing tremendous value to buyers.

Yes, you can call us biased. We’re happy to admit that. However, our biased can be backed up. Let us show you around one day, it won’t take long for you to know how we formed our opinion.