2017 Home Design Trends Showcasing Comfort And Solace

2017 Home Design Trends Showcasing Comfort And Solace

Housing trends come and go. Then come back again.

This year’s design and construction trends have now been around long enough to be considered as such, and we’re seeing them make their way into new Las Vegas homes, as well as remodels on existing homes.

Not only that, professional home stagers are exercising their design skills using the latest and greatest in home design, too.

Naturally, the kitchen takes precedence when it comes to making a house a home. Trends are now pointing to bars and entertainment-ready fixtures, like shelves to hold cocktail accessories.

If your kitchen has an island, expect a stager or designer to want to contrast it with the other colors in your palette. It may not “match,” but it will draw attention and pull in guests for a drink or appetizer.

Speaking of colors … those old retro refrigerators with bright pastels and retro looks are finding their back to storing milk and cheese.

2017 has proven that people want neutrals and soft grays

This is a surprising trend, as appliance companies have spent millions evolving the icebox into a smart home device that can communicate with mobile devices and online shopping destinations.

Marble is back, too. From countertops to entire walls tiled in the burly Stone, builders are continuing to sell it as an upgrade or renovation goal.

When it comes to preparing a house for the market, 2017 has proven that people want neutrals and soft grays (Benjamin Moore’s color of the year was called “shadow.), colors that are inviting and able to be easily matched with small washes of brighter tones.

A few other stand-out trends include black steel and glass for an urban industrial feel; hanging pendant lights in place of table lamps; and even individual vanities.

Overall, people are looking to make their homes more comfortable and designed for staying indoors.

Might this mean overlap with the low inventory trend? In other words, are design trends suggesting that people are looking to stay in their homes longer?

It’s a thought.