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Las Vegas Short Sale Professionals

What is a short sale? A short sale is when a home owner sells their home for less than their mortgage amount. In order to do this, the sale must be approved by your current lender. You are also required to prove hardship in order to be eligible for a short sale.

A short sale is not an easy process and it can take some time before all parties agree to a sale price and terms. However, if successful, a short sale can get you out from under a large mortgage you can no longer afford. In order to successfully manage a Las Vegas Short Sale, you will need to hire a team that can assist you in the paperwork and additional terms your mortgage company will require.

The short sale house for sale professionals at Gavish Real Estate has an established short sale team that can assist and take over the details and negotiate on your behalf. Building relationships with mortgage banks is step one in a successful short sale transaction. Our short sale team in Las Vegas has strong relationships with major lending institutions and banks and are prepared to get the job done for you.

You don’t need to carry this burden any longer. There is hope and there is a way out.

“To learn if your home is eligible for a Short Sale, contact Gavish Real Estate today.”

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