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Selling Your Home in Las Vegas?

Every real estate market has its challenges. And yes, Las Vegas is in the midst of a recovery that’s taken longer than any one predicted.

Thankfully though, we’re outpacing every prediction made about the state of our market. Houses are in short supply and when a good one hits the market, it takes a skillful team familiar with the nuances of handling multiple, aggressive offers to ensure the seller can maximize their opportunity.

Today, sellers are in the driver’s seat — and Gavish Real Estate is getting them over the finish line. 

With record-low inventory and new houses coming along gradually, sellers need to plan and execute a listing plan with precision and timing. This is our specialty, and no independent real estate agent in Southern Nevada does it as well as those working under the Gavish banner.

We ground our responsive marketing and deft negotiating in traditional customer service, helping sellers understand the decisions they need to make and how every step in the process can impact the next.

If you’re underwater on your mortgage, then you’re reading the right web page. Gavish Real Estate was the first agent in Las Vegas to recognize the unique challenges our community was facing post-recession. We quickly designed new programs to inform and assist home owners faced with the repercussions of a vexing global mortgage meltdown. As a result, we’ve become the #1 short sale agent in Las Vegas. While no short sale comes free of challenges, we’ve learned how to predict them and prepare for them, making everything easier for our sellers.

Whether your goals are to just examine the market, short sell or your home or get it sold within the next 30 days, contact us today to get started. We’re here to help.

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