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Short selling in Las Vegas

Short sales are a reality of today’s real estate market, especially here in Las Vegas.

Like many national markets hit particularly hard by the real estate downturn, Las Vegas grew quickly over the last two decades and ended up out-pacing the market. Turns out, Las Vegas is a place where a lot of people want to live. We certainly can’t apologize for that.

Now, short sales are a natural component of buying a home in Southern Nevada. As a buyer, you need to consider them. For sellers, the process of short selling your home can be daunting.

But that’s why you have us.

A short sale occurs when the mortgage holder agrees to take less for the home than what’s owed on the lien at the time of sale. And, government legislation still allows sellers to avoid tax penalties on the difference. This important feature of today’s short sale economy has helped a number of Las Vegas families regain financial footing after a sale.

Short sales are not named because of the time it takes to close. In fact, they can take much longer than a traditional sale. Banks need to spend time assuring the offer is sound and all facets of the transaction are in order.

Gavish Real Estate provides short sellers an advantage: our experience. We’re able to navigate smoothly through the many unseen obstacles that can often reveal themselves during a short sale. Moreover, our team’s professionalism and commitment to service ensure you are always in the loop and up to date on the progress of your home’s sale.

We make sure you have every required page of paperwork with every signature field completed, box checked and addendum attached. Gavish agents work hard to keep banks and lenders on task and buyers up to speed.

Your short sale simply can’t be in better hands. We’re honest, up-front and efficient.

If you have questions about short selling your Las Vegas home or simply need to explore your options, please give us a call or drop us a line.

We’re here for you.


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